Music is more than just a hobby for me. It is a true passion. In 2008, I made it my profession. I currently perform with the original band, Between Bluffs, which has released 2 full-length albums. Additionally, I perform over 200 different cover songs at a variety of venues as a musician for hire.

I’ve been playing and performing for over twenty years now, since getting my start in church choirs and then picking up the guitar at the age of 9.  In high school, I began to learn how to record my original compositions using computer programs such as Acid Pro 4.0, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Fruity Loops, and Reason. My first major recording project was producing the backing tracks used in my High School Senior performance of the Broadway play: Little Shop of Horrors.

Currently, I work with engineer, Justin Davis at M.O.T.H. Studios in Clearwater using a Pro Tools rig, and I continue to record at home using Logic Express and GarageBand.
I also occasionally do some sound engineering at a great, local venue called the Dunedin Brewery.

The tracks below were produced and recorded by Justin and myself in M.O.T.H. studios.